It’s Been 1 Year Since Our Last Update

Not to worry, folks. We’re still here! Life has had many important plans for the Fourth Level Collective. There are a few updates I’ve been lazy to add to this page. I’ll be back very soon! -Mags

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WushuCast – 052 – Magnafide + Miniature Robots 9/14/13

Video streaming by Ustream

Miniature Robots lays down a sweet minimal set during the first hour. Magnafide takes the music into liquid territory during the second hour.

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Dubsky – Live @ Gravity Magnetic Space Lab Party 8/4/12

The man like Dubsky showcases some killer sounds in this archive from 2012’s ‘Gravity’ thrown by the Magnetik Space Lab.


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Dubsky & Magnafide – Exclusive Mix for Submission – May 2013

Better late than never, here’s a mix Dubsky & Magnafide did a few months back. This was originally aired in Greece for dBase’s show ‘Submission’ on Cannibal Radio.

Qlyph – ‘Used To Be’ (Soul Deep)
SpectraSoul – ‘The Gift’ (Shogun)
Sabre feat. Kase – ‘Gift You Gave VIP’ (Emcee)
Flowrian – ‘Recharged’ (Soul Deep)
Dubsky & Magnafide & Teal – ‘Learning Curve’ (Soul Deep)
Scott Allen – ‘Dusk’ (Celsius)
Phil Tangent – ‘Giving Up The Ghost’ (Rubik)
Dubsky & Magnafide – ‘Handsome Devils’ (Soul Deep)
Break & Hydro – ‘Immaculate’ (Quarantine)
Random Movement – ‘A Wallflower In The Dark’ (Phuzion)
Facing Jinx – ‘Consumed’ (Peer Pressure)
Joseph Ablett & Scott Allen – ‘Goodbye Wish’ (Celsius)
Phat Playaz & Jrumhand – ‘Tools’ (Fokuz)
Zero T – ‘Roxy Music’ (Dispatch)
Dubsky & Magnafide – ‘Overture’ (Stepping Forward)
Exit 9 & Payne – ‘Insomnia’ (Stepping Forward)
S.T. Files & Response – ‘Nailbomb’ (Ingredients)
Phil Tangent – ‘Hindsight’ (Santorin)
Arp-1 – ‘Virgo’ (Telluric)
Seba – ‘Can’t Describe’ (Secret Operations)

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Damien Exclusive Mix for 4th Level: Zen

Tabu - The Calm Vol 3_cover

Keeping the exclusive mixes rolling, the exquisite selections of Damien graced my inbox the other day. This mix showcases a summery and melodic side for this DJ/producer; we’re happy to feature it here for you!

Mixed Exclusively for 4th Level Collective

Bcee – Changing Faces (Hybrid Minds remix) [Fokuz]
Blue Motion – My Baby Wants an Aeroplane [Vibration]
Calibre – Running [Signature]
Quantrek – Love Affair [Human Elements]
dRamatic & dbAudio – Fractual Harmony [Goodlooking]
The Last Hero – Rollablade [Perpetual]
Random Movement – Down Somehow [Innerground]
The Insiders – Manhattan [Intrigue]
Dave Shichman, Dave Owen – Life Moves Fast [LuvDisaster]
Intelligent Manners – Secret Feeling [Fokuz]
Nu:Logic – Everlasting days feat. Lifford [Hospital]
Christian Bruna – Soul Train feat Kech Rec [Liquid Brilliants]
XRS, DJ Marky – Butterfly [Innerground]
Hybrid Minds – Patience [Fokuz]
Soligen, Type 2 – These Days [Fokuz]
Phil Tangent – Pleasure Trip [Rubik]
Intelligent Manners – Heavenly Thing [Fokuz]
Light of Night – Let it Be [Influenza]
Stereotype, Sopheye – Bright Lights, Big City [Intrigue]
Technimatic – The Evening Loop [Shogun]
Stunna – Forecast Dub [Influenza]
Makoto, Deeizm – Woe (Lenzman Remix) [Human Elements]
Tokyo Prose – Romcom [Promo]
Tasha Baxter – Ebb & Flow (Jumpshot Bootleg) [Exclusive]
Slogun & iOh – Be With You [Artists]
Shapeshifter – Gravity (Pacific Heights Remix) [Promo]
Mootta, MSDOS – Dots [Goodlooking]
SPY, Jo-s – Future Tense [Hospital]
Gridlok – Here to Wherever [Hospital]

Find Damien on Facebook –

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Tabu Exclusive Mix for 4th Level: The Calm Vol. 3

Tabu - The Calm Vol 3_cover

It’s been while since we got an exclusive mix in our inbox, and who better to feature than long-standing representative of Los Angeles Liquid D&B – Tabu!

The Calm Vol 3
Mixed Exclusively for 4th Level Collective


1. London Elektricity – Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm (S.P.Y Remix)
2. Indivision – Do Not Jump
3. Loadstar – BLVD
4. Die & Break – Get Some
5. M.I.S.T. – Freaky
6. Hamilton – Deep In My Heart
7. Logistics – The Trip
8. Need For Mirrors – Columbia
9. Dkay & Intoxicated – Thinner Edge
10. Makoto – Eastern Dub Pt.2
11. Redeyes – Let It Shine
12. Wilkinson – Tonight
13. Danny Byrd feat.London Elektricity – Failsafe
14. M.I.S.T. – Outerspace
15. Fred V – Simple Beginnings
16. Commix – Undisco
17. Netsky – Secret Agent
18. Atlantic Connection ‎– Remember Tulum
19. Kubiks & Lomax – Trading Places
20. Bcee & Lomax – Help You
21. Drifter – She Gives Me Forever
22. Logistics – Inside My Soul
23. Brother – Make a Life
24. B-Complex – Three Dots

For promotional use only.
All rights reserved to original artists/labels.
Not for sale/resale.

like TABU on facebook!

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Qlyph – ‘Used To Be’ (feat. on Soul Deep Recordings ‘Unsung Heroes Vol. 2′)

The minute I heard Qlyph’s rough draft version of “Used To Be” I knew he was on to something special. He later polished it up and luckily it landed up on Scott Allen’s radar (label boss for Soul Deep Recordings). It was released a few months ago on the ‘Unsung Heroes Vol. 2′ compilation and I recently got some words straight from Qlyph himself on how this special song came into existence:

“Used To Be” was a collision of sorts. In terms of inspiration, it arose out of a sense of longing I had been feeling for months. I suppose there was some sentimentality involved, a fair share of lamentation for simpler times. I’ve been swallowing some pretty gnarly emotions for a couple years because I didn’t have a good outlet for them. Sometimes those turn into music, these states trapped in time and measure.

I surrendered to “Used To Be”. The complex emotions, the altered state that it captured (like Solomon captured the Djinn/genies in brass lamps), could not be expressed through complex arrangement or software programming or technical tinkering – my formerly complicated process. So I literally rethought my entire approach to production, forgoing Battery and all other drum machines forever, simplifying my routing, and using totally different plugins than I had been using.

I let myself feel the things I’d been swallowing, and the waves started flowing. It changed the way I thought about production, because I acquiesced to its conditions instead of forcing it to submit to mine.

Music is not our result, it is our teacher. The producer is the product.



Low5 – ‘My Heart’
Passive – ‘Fall Lines’
Savior – ‘Niet’
Qlyph – ‘Used To Be’
innaSelf – ‘Emily’s Piano’
Dekoi – ‘Only You Know’
Marcio Mouse – ‘Magic Place’
Marte – ‘Midnight Carnival’
Synthetic Journey & Allan K – ‘The Right Place’
m25 & First Function – ‘Mouse Band’
XTC – ‘Soul Breezin’
M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S. – ‘Life Is So Wonderful’
Amparo – ‘Unfold’
c9smo – ‘Clouds’
Blueprint & I Wannabe – ‘Yardbird’
DJ Response – ‘Addiction’
Dekoi – Life of Spring’


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Dubsky & Magnafide – ‘Overture’ b/w ‘Out Of The Blue’


A SIDE: Dubsky & Magnafide – ‘Overture’

B SIDE: Dubsky & Magnafide – ‘Out Of The Blue’


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Hot Chip – ‘Night and Day’ (MADV Remix)

“Who is MADV?” is what you might ask. Well, he’s our good friend Poise under a different name. This nice little remix won the artist’s pick of the Beatport Hot Chip Remix Content in late 2012. We hope that Poise/MADV continues to release more music!

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Magnafide – ‘Awakenings’ (feat. on Soul Deep Recordings ‘Sacred Souls Vol. 3′)

NOW AVAILABLE! Magnafide’s first solo tune release since 2008 is literally a dream come true.. One night the tune’s main chime melody was heard in a dream. He woke up and quickly beatboxed it into a voice recorder. After a few days he reviewed his beatbox and was determined make this project a reality. Around this time his grandmother fell ill with pneumonia and he was afraid he was going to lose her. She later on “woke up” from her sickness and regained health, further inspiring Magnafide to finish the tune and name it ‘Awakenings’ as a dedication.

Soul Deep’s owner Scott Allen enjoyed the song so much he included it on the ‘Sacred Souls Vol. 3′ compilation released last summer. We hope you enjoy it as well.


Joakuim – ‘Monday Mood’
Jam Thieves – ‘Walking In The Rain’
Hysee – ‘Narrow’
Beepo – ‘Those Words’
Capsika – ‘Just Forget’
Rehabilitation Units – ‘Lookin’ For Love’
Magnafide – ‘Awakenings’
Jay Rome & Blueprint – ‘Sunset’
Sunny Crimea – ‘Summertime Promises’
Amptek – ‘Always You’
Karl Future & Brother Simon – ‘Departure’
Terminal State – ‘Casino Blues’


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From the vaults: Poise – ‘Next Dimension’

We’re back!!!!

We plan to revamp our site (hopefully soon) and will keep the focus more on the collective’s ongoings. With various upcoming releases being solidified for Fourth Level members, we feel it’s time to keep our site more updated. Thanks for all your support throughout the years!

Please enjoy this unreleased jam from the man like Poise.

Let’s keep it going!


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Covert’s Pick: The Ji Ben Gong Show (06/12/2012)

Hello folks! We are starting a new series of features where a different member of our crew highlights a tune / release / mix / video / album (etc) of their choosing. This post is Covert’s pick!

French DJ/producer Ji Ben Gong’s show from June 12th captivated Covert so much that he asked me to post the mix here for you all. Have at it, folks :)


Kyshido_Fly_to_the_Shady LQDZCEP1A
Sound Tactix – Subtle Dreams [Liquid Tones]
Macca Take it Back (Mos Rem
Silence Groove – Just Sampled
Kyshido_Vibes LQDZCEP1B.
Kyshido_It’s_Like_That LQDZCEP1D.
PennyGiles – Give Nothing Else. (free)
Swarms – I Gave You Everything
Ji ben gong_Moment in life (ft Marvin Gaye)
Chase & Status_Love_s_Theme
Ji Ben Gong – Let The Girl (Salaryman remix)
Dakosa – Touching Shadows
Commix – Satellite Type 2 [Insight & DuoScience Remix] FREe
Duoscience & mSdoS – Bad Day – celsiusrecordings
Generic_The Big Zero_Vandal Records
Kyshido Stylo cubano Free
CJ Styles Edit -Dirty South – Alive

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“oh so smooth porn grooves for that ass”



1/ .Fluter & Dissident –- Occulture.
2/ .Breaking My Crayons –- Spray the Stereo.
3/ .Nebula –- In the Dark.
4/ .Dwarde –- Grim Up North.
5/ .Sub –- Ice Cave.
6/ .Synapse –- Syncope.
7/ .Macc & dgoHn –- Recnad.
8/ .Kontext –- Thaw {Dissident Remix}.
9/ .Fracture & Neptune –- Forgotten Roads.

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Fourth Level – Root Chakra EP (feat. Dubsky, Magnafide, & Teal)

NOW AVAILABLE! The first release in a concept series spanning the 7 chakras (root to crown), the Fourth Level Collective embarks on a journey of expression and harmony. Already garnering support from the likes of: Jaybee, Flaco, Blueprint, Crissy Criss, Micken, Jason Magin, Dip Vertigo, Facing Jinx, Philth, Clutch, etc.. the collective is firmly making its mark as a top-notch troop of west coast dnb talent. Enjoy!

A SIDE: Dubsky & Magnafide – ‘Handsome Devils’

B SIDE: Dubsky & Magnafide & Teal – ‘Learning Curve’


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